#Creativity is a place where only the truly curious want to go.

according to the Real Academia, a “hurgativo” is anyone who enhances their creativity by delving into all possible places where a good idea may appear.

call it what you want… researching, exploring, studying, snooping, navigating, staying informed… in the end, what we truly seek are answers that satisfy our thirst for knowing more and more and more.

these are the habits of the #hurgativos.

are you one of us?

You don't understand schedules. Inspiration strikes at the most unexpected moments.

You get bored easily.

You don't know the meaning of "failure"; you'll try a thousand times until you succeed.

You always follow your heart, regardless of what your mind tells you.

"You work when you sleep and sleep when you're working."

You love the result of your work, which you'll hate 24 hours later.

Procrastination enthusiast.

Amante de la procrastinación.


Great observer. You're not daydreaming; you're just observing.

You love experimenting with new things.


You always see both sides.

Always seeking new avenues of expression and communication.

Where others see obstacles, you see opportunities.

Often lose track of time.